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This page provides the platform for communications with and within the SAKAN family. Inequality, poverty and unemployment are human challenges that extend far beyond South Africa’s borders, the whole world needs to care. South Africa presents a microcosm of these global threats, and a unique opportunity to address them from the geographic region which contributed so much to our common human evolution. South Africa must not be alone in addressing these global threats, which are already contributing to global instability, the seemingly unstoppable civil and regional wars, and the tragic loss of life in the mass human migrations that ultimately impacts every nation on earth.
The ICT industry today provides the best means of sharing the information and knowledge that the whole world has accumulated about these human threats, and how we can contain and reverse them. Please join the SAKAN initiative by first introducing yourself or your organization through this SAKAN communications page. SAKAN will respond to your communication as soon as possible, as we search for the local and global partnerships that will effectively challenge the growing global Triple Threats.

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Please share your first impressions of the SAKAN initiative by introducing yourself or your organization through this form. SAKAN thanks you for your interest, and will contact you to discuss our common interests as soon as possible.