The Quest for SAKAN Partners

This page discusses the quest for SAKAN partners, locally, continentally and globally. The SAKAN concept cannot begin or be sustainable on its own – the critical requirement for massive scalability demands an extensive list of supportive partners, across the whole spectrum of human endeavour. The immediate needs are clearly partners that can deliver the ICT connectivity needs of the concept, followed by the applications, learning and skills resources that will enable effectiveness with high levels of scalability. As noted in the now historical Millennium Development Goals initiative, and its successor the Sustainable Development Goals initiative, defeating South Africa’s and the world’s Triple Threats is a very long-term process that demands massive multidisciplinary global support. Neither the technology nor the business models needed are insurmountable challenges, nor are the financial and human resources needed for initiation and sustainability - it is only the will to challenge inequality, poverty and unemployment directly and urgently that seems to be lacking. There is little appetitive for investing on the poorest communities anywhere in our current global economic arrangements.
The SAKAN initiative, and this short discussion of the desired SAKAN partners, is about the latter, developing the global will to address South Africa's and the world's Triple Challenges, and finding the partners willing to invest their knowledge, time and/or financial resources in this very human endeavour.
The following list represents just the beginning of the SAKAN quest for partners and supporters. Please click on each flag, icon or logo for more details to access the websites of these organizations, followed by the upper left-pointing "Return" arrow of your web page to return to this page. To return to previous SAKAN web pages, please click the "PARTNERS" navigation bar to return to the list of partners, or the "HOME" navigation bar to return to the home page.
The Search for SAKAN Partners
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Conclusion: This reminder of one of the ways SAKAN will breach South Africa's inequality, poverty and unemployment divides provides a useful conclusion to this page listing the target partners SAKAN will canvass. This will be an ongoing process, the Triple Threat challenges demand a very long vision for their resolution. New opportunities will arise as the technology changes with this 4IR evolution, and new insights will be gained by researchers and concerned global citizens as the whole world wrestles with this stubborn problem. The SAKAN concept will survive its current creators in many different forms - the challenge is to use the global ICT infrastructure and its 4IR evolution to halt the growth and reverse the global scourge as proposed by the Sustainable Development Goals initiative. As long as there are children growing up in extreme poverty anywhere on earth, the SAKAN vision will remain.